Γιατί να επιλέξεις ένα χειροποίητο κόσμημα; | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®

Handmade jewellery is more than just jewellery. Behind each design are hidden many hours of inspiration, elaboration, dedication and most importantly, the creator's passion.  But why is handmade jewellery the ideal choice for a gift to a friend but also for you? In this blog we gather all the reasons that make the purchase of a handmade jewellery special!

Άνοιξη 2021: Οι 5 πιο hot τάσεις στα κοσμήματα | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®

Spring! An air of new start is blowing, especially during this difficult instance, as we all need a new launch, a feeling of 'opening' on all levels.

Hoping that this opening will come soon, I present you through Emmanuela - handcrafted for you® the 5 hottest trends in jewellery for Spring 2021!

Η τέχνη του να φοράς μίνιμαλ κόσμηματα! | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®

Minimalist jewellery is always in fashion and we always want to buy more! However, it's not always easy to match them with your outfit. If basic look is you thing, there are a few tips that i 'll give you that you can really use. Small hints to dodge big mistakes!

Ποια είναι τα κατάλληλα σκουλαρίκια για σένα; Έχουμε την απάντηση! | Emmanuela - handcrafted for you®

If you want to make a strong statement with your appearance, you should focus on your ears!</p><p>Earrings are that type of jewellery that more than anything else, attract eyes on the first sight, especially if you 've taken care of matching your outfit and haircut as well. They can really make you the center of attention! By wearing the appropriate earrings, you don't need expensive clothes in order to have an impressive look. The following accessories can really boost your appearance!