Men's jewellery: The Rule of Three

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Many people believe that men's accessories are a relatively recent fashion, but men's jewellery are actually a symbol and their history begins several years ago.

From the first attempts to form a society of the human race, the use of jewellery and accessories for the hand, was an indication of the position of their holder in his social group and through them the man showed prestige and power!

The years passed and new customs gained people's attention, giving men's accessories a different meaning. They are fully integrated in the modern era and are now mostly decorative elements that continue to play an important role socially, as they give style to the appearance by helping socializing and even flirting!

The details make the difference and a modern man knows this very well! A carefully male hand attracts attention and especially female eyes.

We present to you the proposals of the jewellery designer Emmanuela Alevizopoulou through a rich collection of men's jewellery made of 925 silver and inspired by imagination!

Bracelet for men

Men's bracelets are no longer symbols of primitive warriors and ancient tribes but they stand as a daily accessory and fits every style and personality.

Depending on your style, you can choose different materials such as leather, gold, silver, steel, and these will complete your everyday look!

Emmanuela's proposal: Twisted wires bracelet for men

Ring for men

The men's ring is a whole philosophy of life and it is definitely not just a jewel. It can state if you are in a relationship, if you belong to a group of people, your financial situation or your style! Mostly, in previous years the men's ring was for men with rock style or even punk! Now of course all this is a thing of the past, and who has not worn a dynamic ring, feeling cooler than ever?

The men's ring is a special piece of jewellery that strongly expresses your confidence and style!

Emmanuela's proposal: Cross ring for men

Men's watch

Men's watches are now one of the most popular accessories with special aesthetics and endless options. Classic and timeless, the watch is an accessory that all men should have in their collection. Although the wristwatch, like most accessories, started as a women's accessory, at that time men used pocket watches (!), Over the years it has become a first-class men's accessory!

The options vary, from the classic mechanical watches to the current smartwatches, there is a huge variety that can satisfy the aesthetics of all potential buyers.

The Rule of Three

Undoubtedly, men's accessories are an important part of history and not just a modern fashion trend. The next step after acquiring the new hand accessories is to combine them.

It is crucial that all the pieces are of the same material-metal or to find some common ground in each piece of jewellery, which will make it match the other piece of jewellery, e.g. a ring with a bracelet.

An easy way is to follow the "rule of three", an unwritten rule of fashion that claims that the ideal combination of accessories includes up to three pieces.

This way you can combine a ring with a bracelet and a watch, but do not overdo it by adding other bracelets or multiple rings!

Men's Hand Accessories from

At, through a rich collection of men's jewellery, you will be able to choose a men's jewellery that expresses your personal aesthetics and will take off your style!

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