Shipping policy

To can serve customers throughout Greece and worldwide.

For shipments within Greece

Th delivery of the jewellery you order in Greece is made at your door by people of the partner courier company (ELTA courier). The value of shipping costs is 3.90€, and is fixed regardless of the number of items per order. It is therefore more economical to order more than one item per order, rather than making separate orders.

Orders are delivered within 2 - 4 business days from the day you order them.

In exceptional cases, for deliveries to remote and inaccessible areas of Greece, it is possible that your jewels can only be delivered with the Hellenic Post Office (ELTA) with a registered and urgent shipment. For these cases we will inform you before shipping them of the estimated delivery day.

For shipments outside Greece

Orders to destinations outside Greece are always executed with the courier company DHL express international, resulting in them being delivered quickly, within 2 - 8 business days from the day you order them.

More specifically, in the countries of the European Union, the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada, delivery takes place within 5 days of the order day and costs only 8.90€ per order. In other countries it may take between 7 and 30 days to deliver, while transport costs vary, as may the shipping methods available

The value of shipping costs is always stable, regardless of the number of items per order

    Each jewel is placed in a luxury gift box at no extra charge, accompanied by a quality paper bag, so you can donate it as you would buy it from a physical store!
      • In exceptional cases, it is possible that the delivery of your order will require extra time. For these cases we will inform you of the estimated delivery day before sending the package.
        • No product is bound without a nominal order.
        • For jewelry orders marked exhausted you should contact us to inform you of the availability and delivery time. In most cases the delivery of these products is not delayed by more than 10
        • In case your order cannot be executed for reasons of force majeure (strikes, bad weather, etc.) we will contact you to let us know if you wish to complete your order.
        • To reserves the right to request a deposit for each order, as well as to change the prices listed without notice.